History gives us our roots. Consider the age-old adage, “you can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been”.

This page is dedicated to the seven dynamic nurses; Ann Alsaffar (Ontario), Michelle Allard (Manitoba), April Frego (Manitoba), Annie Dickson (Ontario), Carol Todd (Nova Scotia), Maryilyn Howlett (Alberta), & Patsy Smith (Nova Scotia), who met at a conference in 2006 and discovered they all shared a similar passion for Family Practice/Primary Care Nursing. They also shared a common vision of forming a National Association to help minimise the isolation often experienced by nurses working in primary care. In two short years, their vision became a reality! June 2008, all seven nurses were unanimously elected to establish the first Executive Committee for the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association.

Vision Statement: To provide a national voice for nurses in primary care through leadership, mentorship and fostering expertise


CFPNA Making things happen!

  • June 1982:  Terry O'Neil, RN, along with a dedicated group of nurses from London, Ontario, organized the first family practice nursing conference "Current Trends and Future Goals". The conference was a success and group consensus was to continue to hold an event every two years.

  • April 1996:  the Ontario Family Practice Nurses (OFPN)  were approved as a Pending Associated Interest Group of RNAO.

  • June 1998:  the OFPN were approved as an Associated Interest Group with RNAO and membership included a small number of nurses from outside of Ontario.

  • June 2006: an open forum held with Dr. Louise Nasmith and participants at the OFPN conference in Toronto, sparked the group to recognize a need for a national association for family practice nurses.

  • October 2007:  family practice/primary care nurses nurses showcased their role at the Family Medicine Forum (FMF), held in Winnipeg. A social evening at the event once again engaged nurses and a decision was made to proceed with forming a national group.

  • June 2007: Family Practice Nurses Association of Nova Scotia (FPNANS) was formed. Carol Todd, RN elected president.

  • June 2008:  another open forum was held at the OFPN conference. Participants voted on a name for the national association and elected their founding executive: Ann Alsaffar, President (Ontario), Patsy Smith, Vice-President (Nova Scotia), Carol Todd, Secretary (Nova Scotia), Annie Dickson, Treasurer (Ontario), Michelle Allard, Membership (Manitoba), April Frego, Education (Manitoba), Marilyn Howlett, Public Relations (Alberta).

  • June 2008:  CFPNA was officially recognized as the 40th Emerging Group of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

  • July 2008:   the first teleconference meeting of the CFPNA executive.

  • August 2009:   in an effort to recruit members to the CFPNA, Michelle Allard, RN, BN  launched www.cfpna.ca using a free website service

  • September 2009:  Manitoba Primary Care Nurses Association (MPCNA) was formed by co-chairs, April Frego, RN, CDE and Michelle Allard, RN, BN.

  • January 2010: CFPNA became recognized as Associate Members of the CNA.

  • June 6, 2010:  First CFPNA AGM & Biennial Conference was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Conference Theme "Illuminating Horizons:  Advancing Family Practice Nursing".

  • November 16, 2012:  CFPNA Educational Workshop & General Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario. Session Theme "Managing Chronic Pain".

  • November 2012:  Michelle Allard, RN, BN, Academic Primary Care Nurse from Winnipeg, Manitoba, becomes the second President of the CFPNA who brings a vision to grow membership in Western Canada.

  • September 27, 2014:  CFPNA National Conference & General Meeting held in Calgary, Alberta. Conference Theme "Novice to Expert:  The Journey".

  • September 2014:  Brenda Poole, RN from Calgary, Alberta becomes the third President of the CFPNA. Note:  Brenda Poole resigned as President in February 2015.

  • February 2015:  As President-Elect, Chrissy Rowan, RN, BN from Winnipeg, Manitoba assumed the role for the remainder of the 2014-2016 term of office.

  • April 29 & 30, 2016:  First joint National Conference and General Meetings; CFPNA & OFPNA co-hosted "Building Bridges" in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • April 2016:  Chrissy Rowan, RN, BN from Winnipeg officially becomes the fourth president of CFPNA.

  • 2016: Canadian Community Health Nursing: Professional Practice Model & Standards of Practice adopted by CFPNA membership

  • May 29, 2017:  Key Stakeholder project planning meeting was held in Winnipeg to discuss the  development of core competencies for Family Practice Nurses in Canada

  • September 2017:  Lead by Dr.Julia Lukewich, Assisstant Professor, MUN School of Nursing, a team of key stakeholders submitted a CIRH project grant "Integrating Registered Nurses into Primary Care Across Canada".

  • April 27-29, 2018: Joint National Conference and General Meetings, CFPNA & MPCNA co-hosted "Grassroots" in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • April 2018: Treena Klassen, RN, BN, A.S.M.H., M/Ed from Alberta becomes the fifth president of the CFPNA.

  • April 29, 2018: Family Practice Nursing Competency Development Workshop held in Winnipeg.

  • September, 2018: Info-graphic focused on Family Practice Nursing released (click here for pdf copy)

  • December 2018: Pencil sketch of "Family Practice Nursing: An Overview" released https://youtu.be/FiiilP-UhsI

  • December 11, 2019:  National Competencies for Registered Nurses in Primary Care released


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