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2019 Publications


2018 Publications

  • Advancing Family Practice Nursing In Canada:  An Environmental Scan of International Literature and National Efforts towards Competency Development​​

                      Lukewich, J., Taylor, S., Poitras, M., Martin-Misener, R.

                      Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership

                      volume 31(2), pp 66-78


  • Choosing guidelines to use in your practice

                     Dickinson, J., Bell, N., Grad, R., Singh, H., Grouix, S., Szafran, O.

                     Canadian Family Physician

                     volume 64, year 2018, pp 357-352


  • Nursing within Primary Care Settings in Atlantic Canada: A Scoping Review.

                Curnew, D. & Lukewich, J. (2018).      

                SAGE Open, 1-17. doi: 10.1177/2158244018774379


2017 Publications


  • Registered Nurses: Partners in Transforming Primary Care:  Proceedings of a conference on Preparing Registered Nurses for Enhanced Roles in Primary Care (March 2017)​​

                       PDF Copy

  • Utilization of registered nurses in primary care teams:  A systematic review

                      Norful, A., Martsolf, G., de Jacq, K., Poghosyan, L.

                      International Journal of Nursing Studies

                      volume 74, issue, year 2017, pp 15-23

 PDF Copy


2016 Publications

  • Rethinking the Primary Care Workforce-An Expanded Role for Nurse

                 Bodenheimer, T., Bauer, L.

                 New England Journal of Medicine, September 2016) 1015-1017



  • Registered nurses in primary care: A value proposition

                 Berkowitz, B

                 Nurse Outlook 64 (2016) 525-526


  • Association Between Registered Nurse Staffing and Management Outcomes of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes within Primary Care: A Cross-Sectional Linkage Study.

Lukewich, J., Williamson, T., Edge, D. S., VanDenKerkhof, E., Tranmer, J. (2016).

CMAJ Open, 4(2)

PDF Copy

2015 Publications

  •  Self-Management Support for Chronic Pain within Primary Care: A Cross-Sectional Study of Patient Perspectives and Nursing Roles.

Lukewich, J., Mann, E., VanDenKerkhof, E., Tranmer, J. (2015)

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(11), 2551–2562

  • Never a Dull Moment:Primary care nurses take on a variety of roles.

Holll Moncrleff, Winnipeg Free Press.

National Nursing week insert

PDF Copy

2014 Publications


  •  Nursing contributions to chronic disease management in primary care within Canada.  Journal of Nursing Administration.

Lukewich, J., Edge, D. S., VanDenKerkhof, E., Tranmer, J. (2014)

JONA 44(2), 103-110.

  • Identification, summary and comparison of tools used to measure organizational attributes associated with chronic disease management within primary care settings.

Lukewich, J., Corbin, R., VanDenKerkhof, E., Edge, D., Williamson, T., Tranmer, J. (2014).   

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

PDF Copy

  • Optimizing the Role of Nurses in Primary Care in Canada

Document Prepared for the CNA

Final Report August 2014

PDF copy

  •  The unexpected benefits of participating in research

Janet Probst, RN, BScN, B.Ed

                    Canadian Nurse, September 2014, Volume 110, Number 6



  • Collaboration between family physicians and nurse clinicians:  Opinions of graduates in family medicine

                    Maheux, B., Cote, L., Sobanjo, O., Authier, L., Lajeunesse, J., Leclerc, M., Lefort, L.

                    Canadian Family Physician, August 2014


  • The value of registered nurses in collaborative family practice:  Enhancing primary healthcare in Canada

                    Kennedy, V.

                    Nursing Leadership, Volume 27 Number 1, 2014


  • Substitution of physicians by nurses in primary care: A systematic review and meta-analysis

                    Martinez-Gonzalez-N., Djalali,S., Tandjung, R., Huber-Geismann, F., Markun, S., Wensing, M., Rosemann, T.

                    BMC Health Services Research, May 2014

                    PDF copy


2013 Publications

  • Looking beyond doctors

Letter to the Editor by Chrissy Danell, RN, BN, Primary Care Nurse, addresses patient access to quality primary care

                     Winnipeg Free Press

                     January 24, 2013

                     Letter (permission to post by author)

2012 Publications

  • Full Scope Nursing in Primary Care

Primary Care nurses have the skill-and desire-to provide more comprehensive care that will benefit patients         

          Registered Nurse Journal, November/December 2012

          RNAO Article

  • Optimizing the Roles of Nurses to Improve Efficiencies

          Presentation prepared for the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement:

                    Gina Browne, Professor of Nursing, McMaster University

                    June 27, 2012


  • Primary Solutions for Primary Care: Maximizing and Expanding the Role of the Primary Care Nurse in Ontario

Primary Care Nurse Task Report is a blueprint to maximize and expand the role of primary care nurses.

          June 2012

          Final Report

  • A Nursing Call to Action

          A report from the CNA"s National Expert Commission, suggests a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded,                       managed and delivered in Canada
          June 15, 2012
          National Expert Commission Website (including video, fact sheets and other links)


2011 Publications

  • A Delphi Approach to Developing a Core Competency Framework for Family Practice Registered Nurses in Ontario

                      Moaveni,A., Gallinaro, A., Gotlib Conn, L., Callahan, S., Hammond, M., and Oandasan, I.

                      Feburary 2011- Nursing Leadership


  • ​​Family Practice Nursing on the Rise in Nova Scotia

Tanya Magee, Corinne Hodder-Malloy, Dee Mason

September 2011 - Doctor NS Fall Newsletter

          PDF copy

  • Healthy Issues Vary Daily, But Primary Care Nurses Get To Treat Them All

Pat St. Germain, Winnipeg Free Press

National nursing week insert

PDF Copy

  • EMR:  A brave new world?

Ann Alsaffar, RN

                    May 2011 - Canadian Nurse

                    PDF copy

  • Optimizing the Practice of Registered Nurses in the Context of an Inter-professional Team in Primary Care

Dr. Jeanne Besner, Dr. Jane Drummond, Dr. Nelly D. Oelke, Mr. Robert McKim, and Ms. Rebecca Carter

February 16, 2011

Final Report



2010 Publications

  • Exploring the role of  RNs in family practice residency training programs

          Allard, M., Frego, A., Katz, A., Halas, G.

          March 2010 - Canadian Nurse

          PDF copy 

  • A delphi approach to developing a core competency framework for family practice registered nurses in Ontario

          Moaveni, A., Gallinaro, A., Gotlib Conn, L., Callahan, S., Hammond, M., Oandasan, I.

          Nursing Leadership, Volume 23 Number 4, 2010


2009 Publications

  • Family Practice Nurses are Invaluable

                    Dr. Sarah Kredenster - President Message, College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)

                    September 2009

Archive Link

  • Role of the RN in Primary Care

Pippa Sloan

May 2009

PDF copy

  •  Perceptions of the role of the registered nurse in an urban interprofessional academic family practice setting

Akeroyd, J., Oandasan, I., Alsaffar, A., Whitehead, C., Lingard, L.

Nursing Leadership (CJNL), 22(2)2009:73-84

  • Systematic review of the effectiveness of primary care nursing

Keleher, H., Parker, R., Abdulwadud, O., Francis, K.

International Journal of Nursing Practice 2009; 15:  16-24


2008 Publications

  • A little help from our friends

Todd, C.

March 2008 - Canadian Family Physician



2007 Publications

  • Family practice/primary health care nurses in Nova Scotia

Todd, C., Howlett, M., MacKay, M., Lawson, B.

June 2007 - Canadian Nurse



2006 Publications

  • Family practice nurses:  Unsung heroes

Nasmith, L.

September 2006 - Canadian Family Physician

PDF copy



2005 Publications

  • Family Practice:  A Nursing Perspective

Alsaffar, Ann, RN

August 16, 2005

PDF copy

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