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Webinar:  Team Up! Nursing Role and Scope in Primary Care: Take 2

The presentation of this recording is now available on our website along with the following resources.

It is a follow-up to the team based care webinar Health Quality BC did last year on the Role and Scope of Primary Care Nursing.

Team Primary Care Nurse- Post Licensure Program                                 Launching for CFPNA members in February 2024!


Discover our Innovative Educational program that aims to strengthen the skills and expertise of RNs in primary care. Join us in this initiative that is set to reshape the landscape of primary care nursing in Canada.


By joining the Canadian Family Practice Nurse Association (CFPNA) and participating in this project, you're not just advancing your career – you're shaping the future of nursing.

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Advancement of the Primary Care Education in Canada

  • Webinar  series : Team Up ! Team Based Primary and Community Care in Action



  • Webinar: Optimizing Care for Indigenous Peoples in Primary Health Care Settings

  • Webinar:  RN Full Scope of Practice Enactment: Lessons for Primary Care   

  • PDF :        Job titles and education requirements of registered nurses in primary care: An international                                 document analysis  (International Journal of Nursing Studies Advances: Volume 3, November 2021, 100044:)

  • WEBSITE: Bilingual Training Material ( free) :When patients face with multiple decisions: role of the nurse.

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