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Additional Resources

  • October Education Webinar: Improving Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening Across Canada The BETTER Program is an evidence-based approach to chronic disease prevention and screening, focusing on cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and their associated lifestyle factors. Passcode: waD76sCt6%

  • September Education Webinar Resource site : Dementia Flipping Stigma on its EarTool Kit -Flipping stigma: An online resource developed by people with dementia to challenge stigma and discrimination

  • CFPNA January Newsletter

  • Canadian Nurse  Article : Feb 2022  A student reflects on why more nurses should become leaders in family practice care settings. Better health for all could be had by focusing efforts on primary care By: Hannah Ricketts RN

  • April Education Webinar : Exercise is Medicine presented by- Dr. Jonathon Fowles , PhD, FCSEP, CSEP-CEP   


  • Webinar: Optimizing Care for Indigenous Peoples in Primary Health Care Settings

  • Webinar:  RN Full Scope of Practice Enactment: Lessons for Primary Care   

  • PDF :        Job titles and education requirements of registered nurses in primary care: An international                                 document analysis  (International Journal of Nursing Studies Advances: Volume 3, November 2021, 100044:)

  • WEBSITE: Bilingual Training Material ( free) :When patients face with multiple decisions: role of the nurse.

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